The Blue Card exists to provide help and comfort. Each story is unique and all clients have needs exceeding the traditional safety nets.

Application Guidelines

Holocaust survivors seeking assistance must be referred to The Blue Card by social service agencies or government agencies in the communities where they live. A case manager at the social service agency performs a financial assessment and reviews the applicant's income and expenses to establish need and, when appropriate, helps the senior access any public entitlements for which a the survivor may be eligible.

The Blue Card carefully reviews each application and referral; all information is kept confidential. The review determines the appropriate amount of financial aid for that individual or couple, using federal poverty levels as a guide, with extenuating circumstances taken into consideration.

Note to licensed social workers/caseworkers, please email with subject "Requesting Application Form" when seeking an application for your client. When filling out the Blue Card application on behalf of your client, please be sure to make a clear recommendation as to what program the client will most benefit from.

Please conclude the application by kindly providing your complete contact information on the bottom portion of the financial evaluation form; including the agency address, phone number (plus your extension) and your email.